At Gold Moon our intention is singular – to create the highest quality cannabis extracts possible.
Our fully activated, flavorful and high potency oil is made from nug runs delivering pure pleasure with every sesh. Gold Moon brings you consistency, potency and mouth-watering taste. Experience the Difference!

We start with the best flower from local award-winning farms in Oregon. The flower is tested multiple times to ensure quality and purity.

Every batch of Gold Moon certified oil is created using BHO extraction and short path distillation. This allows the isolation of terpenes and cannabinoids in their purest form, as the plant matter and residual solvents are filtered out. What remains is a clear, clean concentrate.

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Born in Oregon

We are a local, woman-run company, and maintain our commitment to creating jobs and opportunities right here in Oregon. From artwork to our Ambassadors and vendors, we’re proud to have built a brand that was born and will stay exclusively in the state. We’re active in the community and give back through educational scholarships geared towards at-risk individuals and minorities.

We embrace excellence, and in living our best lives. We hope to extend the results of those efforts to you! Relax, rejuvenate, and have fun –  experience the Gold Moon difference.

ProductStrainTypeCBD:THC Ratio
Mandarin HazeSilver HazeHybridTHC
Grape DreamBlue DreamHybrid1:1
Berry PurpGDPIndica3:1
Pineapple TrainwreckTrainwreckHybridTHC