Company Where the Best, Brightest, and Most Dedicated People Want to Work

Element of Choice is a name you can trust for all-natural relief. You might say it’s a higher calling; our brands help our customers free themselves from many things, including pain, insomnia, and anxiety. With potent, premium-quality products, we make it as convenient as possible to have a cannabis experience that eases the mind, body, and spirit.

We’re proud to be the kind of company that attracts the best, brightest, and most dedicated talent, the result of making a profoundly positive difference every day. As our customers grow, our team grows, guided always by five core values:


We honor and respect self-determination. Whether you choose to use cannabis or to abstain, whether you’re medicating or socializing, whether you prefer THC or CBD, we want you to live your truth.


We’re committed to delivering cannabis products of uncompromising consistency, purity, and potency.


We strive to learn more about cannabis and its awesome healing potential. We’re curious, meticulous, and always seeking new ways to craft the purest and most potent concentrates.


Our success depends on the success of our growers, suppliers, and customers. It’s our honor and privilege to give back to the communities we serve.


Our internal culture is based on trust, commitment, and accountability. We succeed together, we fail together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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