One Small Dab for Man, One Giant Relief for Mankind

While shatter certainly resembles naturally-occurring substances— the amber of fossilized tree resin, the crystalline structure of gems— the process that turns a cannabis plant into concentrate requires quite a bit of human interaction.

We start with cannabis flowers grown and harvested under ethical conditions by farmers with true green thumbs. Once we check the raw materials to make sure they meet our quality standards, we begin a unique form of extraction; our Nitro-XT process eliminates lipids and other impurities under very low heat, preserving the fragile-but- important terpenes that give shatter its flavor and potency.

No matter how careful we are in the extraction process, some terpenes must be added back to the product to restore the taste, aroma, and effects of the original plant. Gold Moon Master Terpists are experts at capturing the details of these unique terpene profiles, continually developing our library of award-winning strains that guarantees identical terpene ratios with each new batch. This is why you can count on the same flavor, aroma, and experience from your favorite Gold Moon strain every single time.

The icing on the cake is our packaging, designed to keep the results of our hard work intact. The fragile constitution of high-quality shatter makes it vulnerable to moisture, light, and heat, hazards we avoid by removing all oxygen, sealing the product in a glass jar, and storing it in an opaque outer box. Gold Moon shatter arrives as fresh as the day we crafted it, as potent as nature intended it to be.

Our process begins at the source. We work only with cultivators who pride themselves on best practices and who are as passionate about their craft as we are. Their rigorous quality control ensures that we start with the freshest cannabis botanical material.

After the raw material passes state testing requirements, we subject it to our own thorough examination. When we’re confident that the product meets our standards, the BHO extraction process begins.

After the raw material passes state testing requirements, we subject it to our own thorough examination. When we’re confident that the product meets our standards, the BHO extraction process begins.

The unique artistry of our process comes in after the initial extraction. Most laboratories use a vacuum oven to heat and remove unwanted material, a method that strips the product of some of its active ingredients. That’s where Gold Moon rewrites the script. We created the unique Nitro-XT process which uses very little heat, purifying our shatter and eliminating the unwanted fat, waxes, and other impurities. Without the lipids and impurities, the color is light and consistent throughout. Our Nitro-XT process results in a shatter with high purity and high potency — a difference you see and feel.

Just like a human fingerprint, every cannabis plant has a unique terpene and cannabinoid profile that decides its taste, aroma, and effects. The challenge is that many of these important terpenes can be lost in the extraction and refinement processes. Gold Moon’s Master Terpist captures detailed information about these strain elements before extraction, then infuses the lost terpenes back into the concentrate. They pay close attention to restoring the original ratios, because that’s how nature intended them to be.

A plant terpene profile is made up of two important types of terpenes:  monoterpenes, which are very light and break down or evaporate easily, and sesquiterpenes, which are heavier and more durable. Every cannabis strain contains a unique ratio of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, and there can be up to 140 different terpenes in a single cannabis plant. Infusing terpenes back into the shatter in their precise ratios is the craft that gives you the aroma, the taste, and—most importantly—the effect you want from your strain of choice.

At Gold Moon, we’ve created a library of hundreds of award-winning strains, from Jack Herer (a Sativa) to Granddaddy Purple (an Indica) to GSC (a hybrid). Our detailed, well-documented flavor and effect profiles allow our Master Terpist to craft terpene profiles with identical ratios every time. You can count on a consistent experience with each of our concentrates— the aroma, flavor, and effect of your favorite strain or flavor will be the same tomorrow as it is today. This is the art of the Gold Moon process, and we hope you agree that it’s worth the extra time and effort. We can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Your shatter should be smooth and flavorful, with the following qualities:


The color can range from honey-yellow to amber depending on the strain and terpene profiles, but it should be consistent throughout; this means no perceivable impurities remain. There should be few bubbles, the presence of which may indicate residual butane. The color may change over time as the shatter is exposed to light and air, but the consistency should not, as long as it’s stored in the original container.


The shatter should have the same general aroma as the plant strain. Some strains will have a very light aroma, while others will be a little stronger. An overwhelming scent might indicate that too many terpenes were added back in, and could result in a harsher taste on your tongue and throat.

Feel Touch

The structure of the shatter is important. When the shatter becomes hard and brittle as it cools, there are likely fewer terpenes in the product, which can cause problems when used. When the shatter is too sticky as you pull it apart, it may contain too many lipids and/or terpenes. The key is to get it just right


The flavor should be smooth, not harsh, and close to the plant strain itself; if there is little flavor, it may be over-processed. At Gold Moon, our flavor-enhanced shatter is designed to complement the plant’s natural strain terpene profile using no artificial ingredients.


When you find a product that delivers, consistency is crucial. Our products are crafted by masters from an extensive library of flavor and strain profiles, ensuring that the terpenes responsible for your desired effects are present in the exact same ratios from batch to batch. From flavor to effect to potency, Gold Moon delivers a consistent experience each and every time.

After balancing the concentrate, we work quickly to preserve the integrity of the product. We use glass containers because glass fills quickly and seals air tight—exposure to air can greatly reduce terpene levels, especially the lighter, more volatile monoterpenes. We use nitrogen to flush out any remaining oxygen before sealing, then put the glass container in an opaque box to keep it safe from light. With proper packaging and correct storage, your Gold Moon shatter arrives as fresh and as potent as the day we crafted it.