Shatter vs. Wax – What is the right concentrate for you?


Shatter vs. Wax – What is the right concentrate for you?

It really depends.  Cannabis concentrates are oils which are extracted from the cannabis plant by an extraction method. The most common method of extraction is Butane (BHO).  Both shatter and wax are extracted in similar ways.  Both have high THC content with Wax coming in with a slightly lower THC content. Both of them are consumed, for the most part, via dabbing.  The main difference is appearance and purity.


Wax has a crumble like texture, which comes from the agitation process during extraction. One of the reasons Wax usually has a lower THC content than shatter is because of lipids, which can cause slightly more harsh taste.

Gold Moon Shatter

Shatter on the other hand is a translucent concentrate with varying degrees of light to amber color, with a texture similar to hard candy.  Some high-quality shatters are not as brittle.  Shatters extraction process removes many solids, and its terpene content will give off a nice aroma.

Gold Moon is extracted using a crafting process we call Nitro-XT.  We use low heat that allows us to coax the maximum THCA & THC from the concentrate and delivers a very clean, potent and smooth dabbing experience. If you’ve tried Gold Moon shatter, let us know how you liked it. If you haven’t, learn more about our crafting process here.

As you can see, both Shatter and Wax are extracted concentrates, but if you’re looking for the purest and most potent experience, shatter may be the better option for you!